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Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu is the abbreviation of “Surabaya” and “Madura”, this is the name of a bridge that connect the city of Surabaya and Madura island (Bangkalan city).
The length is 5.438 meters and can be traversed by vehiclesuch as cars and motorcycles.Until now, the bridge turned out to be the longest bridge in Indonesia.
It is also known as one object of tourist destinations. At Bangkalan, Madura, you can enjoy the authentic food and buy some unique typical souvenirs.

The Great Mosque Al-Akbar Surabaya

Be the biggest mosque in Surabaya with modern and unique architecture style, only 10 minutes from hotel. Unique impression from this building lay in unique mosque dome design like lamellar structure with combination of blue and green color, giving cold impression and fresh.

Sanggar Agung Temple

Sanggar Agung Temple

Klenteng Sanggar Agung or Hong San Tan temple is a temple for Buddhist, Tao and Kong Hu Cu followers. Located in Sukolilo Street 100, Kenjeran Beach.
Like any other temples that we can find, SanggarAgung Temple hasparticular in design and also in its atmosphere, the design is very unique and quite sophisticated.
The existence of SanggarAgung temple become more attractive because of the temple is situated above the sea water.

Heroes Monument Museum

The Heroes Monument is a warrior spirit of Surabaya peoplein faced the invaders.
As cultural pledge building, this monument located in Pahlawan Street Surabaya and very strategic because resides in the downtown of Surabaya.
In this monument we can also enjoy the photo collections, completed with its narration.

Mangrove Eco-Tourism

Mangrove Eco-Tourism

Located in Surabaya, East Coast region, Ecotourism Mangroves Wonorejo (EMW) offers rehabilitation, education, and recreation. 
At that location, visitors can walk around the mangrove forest along the coast. Management has prepared a motor boat with a capacity of maximum 40 people to enjoy the beauty of that location.