Hotel Overview

Jl. A. Yani No.12, Blimbing, Kec. Blimbing, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65126

The Alana Hotel Malang is a destination that charmingly highlights traditional Javanese culture and design. Strategically located near the government district and the city's attractions, this hotel offers a seamless blend of business and leisure.

Coffee Shop
Room Service
Swimming Pool
24 Hour Front Desk
Airport Transfer
Laundry Service
Bellboy Service
No Pet Allowed

Our Comfortable Rooms

NaN / 4
Room size: 22 sqm
Mountain View
Google Nest
IDR 769,500 net
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NaN / 2
Deluxe Premiere
Room size: 24 sqm
Mountain View
Google Nest
IDR 1,007,000 net
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NaN / 3
Junior Suite
Room size: 32 sqm
Mountain View
Google Nest
IDR 1,410,000 net
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NaN / 7
Alana Suite
Room size: 58 sqm
Mountain View
Google Nest
IDR 1,910,000 net
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NaN / 6
Family Suite
Room size: 58 sqm
Mountain View
Google Nest
IDR 2,060,000 net
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NaN / 6
Room size: 65 sqm
Mountain View
IDR 2,910,000 net
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Enrich Your Stay

Swimming Pool

Refresh yourself by enjoying a dip in our two pools, each offering the choice of warm or cold water.


Immerse yourself in serenity and tranquility through our in-room massage facilities.


Maintain your fitness during your stay with our compact gym facility.

Ken Dedes Restaurant

The Ken Dedes Restaurant, located on the lobby floor, is the perfect place for visitors who want to enjoy delicious dishes that combine the traditional flavors of Indonesia and Asia with a modern touch. The restaurant is open every day from 06:00 to 23:00. Our skilled chef presents special menus made from quality selected ingredients and prepared carefully to provide an unforgettable culinary experience for every guest.

Operational hours6 am - 11 pm
Breakfast7 am - 10 am
Kirana Coffee Shop

The Kirana Coffee Shop provides a semi-outdoor area designed for both waiting and socializing. Within this space, you can indulge in a remarkable assortment of teas, coffees, and snacks. Located in the lobby area and open from 06:00 to 23:00, it is the perfect place for guests who want to meet and relax. The comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff make Kirana Coffee Lobby the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

Dewa 19 Sky Lounge

Dewa 19 Sky Lounge, located on the 11th floor with a beautiful view of the city of Malang, is a captivating place that opens from 11 AM to 11 PM. Here, visitors can enjoy various unique menus like Bebek Separuh Napas, Mie Ghodog Cemburu, and Iga Bakar Satu Hati, among many others. You can experience enchanting live music every night from 7 PM to 11 PM. From coffee and tea to mocktails, visitors can enjoy a variety of beverages served with cheerfulness. Dewa 19 Sky Lounge offers an unforgettable experience with an elegant and comfortable atmosphere, creating sweet moments for every guest.


Operational hours11 am - 11 pm
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Host Your Events

NaN / 2
Singasari Ballroom
Size: 294 sqm
Capacity: 300 guests
NaN / 2
Mataram Meeting Room
Size: 42 sqm
Capacity: 90 guests
NaN / 3
Sriwijaya Meeting Room
Size: 98 sqm
Capacity: 100 guests
NaN / 3
Majapahit Meeting Room
Size: 218 sqm
Capacity: 400 guests
NaN / 2
Kahuripan Meeting Room
Size: 98 sqm
Capacity: 150 guests
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Travel Madness Expo
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Stay & Splash
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What’s New

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