Explore The Flavors Of Ramadan And Indulge In Arabian, Asian, And Indonesian Cuisine With The Alana Hotel Malang
The Alana Hotel Malang06 Mar 2024
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Malang - March 8, 2024, The Alana Hotel Malang held the launch of its iftar package. This 4-star hotel, with its complete facilities and strategic location easily accessible, has become the number one recommendation for breaking the fast together.

Located at Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 12 Malang, this hotel boasts 3 F&B outlets: Ken Dedes Restaurant, Kirana Coffee Shop, and Dewa 19 Sky Lounge. In anticipation of the fasting month, all outlets at The Alana Hotel Malang will be open to enliven Malang's culinary scene with special iftar packages.

For this iftar package launch, The Alana Malang presents "A Flavorful of Ramadan" under the theme "Exploring Ramadan Tastes." The theme is aptly reflected in the diverse menu offerings, including Arabian, Asian, and Indonesian cuisines with approximately 50 different dishes and 18 stalls featured daily. Highlights include Mozaic Sapi Guling, Kambing Guling, Ayam Mandi, Rawon Siti Nurbaya, Seblak, Bakmi Jawa Alana, Turkish Ice Cream, various traditional snacks, and much more.

An exciting addition is the Mozaic Sapi Guling, showcased as the signature iftar menu this year. It's a beef-based dish marinated in Arabian spices and roasted, then artfully arranged to resemble a mosaic painting.

The pricing offered by The Alana Hotel Malang is highly affordable, with a wide array of menu options available at only Rp 138,000 nett per person. Additionally, there's a special offer for the first week: purchase for 10 people and get 1 free. "I highly recommend breaking fast at The Alana Hotel Malang. There will be live music every day, weekly door prize giveaways, and engaging activities such as health talks, hijab tutorials, and hamper-making demonstrations. Plus, at the end of the period, there will be a grand prize draw for a Penthouse stay and gold bars," said Frans Hendri, Food & Beverage Manager at The Alana Hotel Malang.

Fiona, Assistant Public Relations Manager at The Alana Hotel Malang, added that residents of Malang and surrounding areas can enjoy an intimate iftar experience at Dewa 19 Sky Lounge. With a minimum reservation of 10 people, priced at Rp 188,000 nett per person, guests can savor the Malang skyline from late afternoon to evening accompanied by live music.

"We are enthusiastic and prepared to deliver the best in terms of cuisine and service for the people of Malang and beyond, considering this is the first time The Alana Hotel Malang has offered iftar packages," said Sistho A. SRESHTHO, ST, CHA, General Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang.

For more information, visit www.malang.alanahotels.com and follow @alanamalang on Instagram.