The Alana Solo Presents Chef Collaboration with MasterChef Indonesia Season 3
The Alana Hotel & Convention Center - Solo22 Mar 2024
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To enliven this year's breaking of the fast event, The Alana Solo presents "Bubaran: Breaking the Fast Together at Alana Solo," included in The Alana Solo's Ramadan 2024 event calendar. We are pleased to announce that Chef Brian Wicaksono, the runner-up of MasterChef Indonesia Season 3, will be joining us as a special guest chef to enhance the breaking of the fast atmosphere at Alana Solo this time.

In a collaborative chef concept, this MasterChef Indonesia Season 3 graduate will host a Chef's Table alongside Firman, the executive chef of The Alana Solo, which will be available to all guests attending the breaking of the fast on March 21st, 2024.