The Alana Hotel Malang10 Nov 2023
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Malang - November 10, 2023, What comes to your mind when Heroes' Day arrives? Who do you consider a true hero? November 10 is a familiar date for all of us, as it commemorates National Heroes' Day. There are various ways to commemorate and honor Indonesian heroes who sacrificed for the country's independence. What about modern-day heroes? The Alana Hotel Malang is one of the hotels celebrating Heroes' Day by inviting "The Real Heroes."

On Friday, November 10, 2023, The Alana Hotel Malang celebrated Heroes' Day. This special moment was used to appreciate "The Real Heroes," specifically the Cleaning Service Team of Belimbing Subdistrict, Malang City. The cleaning service team works daily to sweep and maintain cleanliness.

"There are many unseen heroes around us, one of them being the Cleaning Service Team. When we all go to the office, the streets we pass through are already clean. Similarly, when we return from work, the streets are clean. They may not be seen directly, but they have a significant impact on the environment," said Sistho A. SRESHTHO, ST, CHA, the General Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang.

A total of 25 representatives from the Cleaning Service Team, under the auspices of the Environmental Agency, were invited for lunch at The Alana Hotel Malang. The event was solemn and enjoyable. In addition to a moment of silence for past heroes, The Alana Hotel Malang also presented special gifts.

The event was also attended by the Head of the Waste Management Division, Dwi Wijono SKM, and the Sub-Coordinator of the Cleaning Service Team, Drs, Totok Sapto Mardjono. "We are very grateful to The Alana Hotel Malang for appreciating our Cleaning Service Team as 'The Real Heroes.' Hopefully, in the future, we can collaborate to develop Malang City to be more attractive to tourists and residents," said Dwi Wijono SKM.