The Alana Hotel Malang19 Dec 2023
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Malang - 19 December 2023, General Staff Meeting (GSM) activities in the hotel industry are commonplace and mandatory. However, the way the event is packaged into a series of interesting activities is the main attraction.

The Alana Hotel Malang held the first GSM title after the official Grand Opening on December 10 2023. Uniquely, even though it has just officially opened, the hotel has been operationally accepting guests since September 20 2023. Apart from that, it also includes a series of events ranging from thanksgiving for the hotel starting operations, grand opening to launching Dewa 19 Sky Lounge.

The first time GSM at The Alana Hotel Malang raised a superhero theme. This theme was chosen because we wanted to appreciate the staff who had contributed from the pre-opening period to the hotel's grand opening.

"The Superheroes theme was our first theme for holding the General Staff Meeting. We consider the staff of The Alana Hotel Malang to be heroes. "It is their contribution that makes this hotel comfortable for guests and builds its existence in the East Java region, especially Malang City," said Sistho A. SRESHTHO, ST, CHA as General Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang.

As a form of appreciation to staff, management distributed award certificates. As a symbol, it was represented by 2 staff and given a certificate directly by Sistho A. SRESHTHO as General Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang. Followed by all staff giving their signatures on a banner which has been filled with photos with all pre-opening staff. The staff also wrote various hopes and motivations so that the team would be more solid in the future.

Not just having fun with games and stand up comedy. However, all staff had special moments during the sharing session. This sharing is about impressions, messages and hopes for the future. “This is my first experience participating in a pre-opening hotel, there are many lessons I can take away. Even though it feels difficult, sad and happy to be one, this is an unforgettable experience. "Hopefully we will all remain united in the future and together provide the best for The Alana Hotel Malang," said Cakra as a team from the Sales & Marketing Department.

For more information, visit www.malang.alanahotels.com and follow @alanamalang on Instagram.