Legendary Lady Rocker Mel Shandy Attends Dewa 19 Sky Lounge At The Alana Hotel Malang
The Alana Hotel Malang11 May 2024
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Malang - May 11 2024, Dewa 19 Sky Lounge is again pampering rock music fans in Malang City. This time, the outlet belonging to The Alana Hotel Malang invited Indonesian Lady Rocker from the 80s and 90s, namely Hj. Melinda Susilarini, S.S. or better known as Mel Shandy. That night Mel Shandy performed approximately 10 of the top songs of his era and the song Dewa 19.

This singer who started his career in the city of Surabaya performed many hit songs. Start the song entitled Ulah Tuan, Nona and Ferris Wheel. That night felt lively because Mel Shandy fans enjoyed and sang together along with the music being sung.
Not only singing songs, Mel Shandy also shared the journey of his musical career in Indonesia. She won 3 awards in the period 1986-1987 as 1st Champion Lady Rockers in West Java. Mel Shandy was also proud that at that time he had a concert abroad in 2005 at the Indonesian Independence Day event in Hong Kong and entertained 25,000 migrant workers at VICTORIA PARK HK and in 2009 at the Orphan Fundraising Event in Hong Kong too.

"My wife and I really enjoyed this event, we could sing together and reminisce because we are both Mel Shandy fans. This is also our first time to Dewa 19 Sky Lounge. "I didn't expect that the atmosphere at Dewa 19 Sky Lounge was really rocky," said Azhari, one of Mel Shandy's fans who came that night.

Malang city residents hope that Dewa 19 Sky Lounge can often hold events like this by bringing in more legendary Indonesian artists.

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