The Alana Hotel Malang Competes with Young Bartenders to Create Malang Apple Mocktail and Promote Indonesian Traditional Drinks
The Alana Hotel Malang28 May 2024
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Malang - May 28, 2024, The Alana Hotel Malang's Dewa 19 Sky Lounge called on young bartenders to prove their skills. These young bartenders were challenged to create mocktails using Malang apples as well as creating traditional archipelago drinks.

The Alana Hotel Malang has a proud outlet, Dewa 19 Sky Lounge. Various interesting activities such as Jamming with Yoyo Prasetyo to Meet & Greet with Mel Shandy. Not only focusing on music, the outlet that is famous for its refreshing mocktails took the initiative to call the younger generation of bartenders to compete in making mocktails.

    The participants were challenged to make 2 drinks within 10 minutes. The first drink was a mocktail with Malang apples as the base ingredient. The choice of ingredients is so that we as Malang residents can see the added value of apples that can be processed into something special. The second drink is a traditional archipelago drink. The theme of traditional drinks was chosen to realize that Indonesia has many spices that can be processed into delicious and healthy drinks.

    A total of 35 bartender competition participants will be selected into the top 5. The 5 participants will be competed again with the concept of a black box aka secret ingredient. The secret ingredient prepared by the Dewa 19 Sky Lounge team is an unusual ingredient for drinks. Ingredients such as wasabi, Japanese cucumber and thousand island sauce. These ingredients made the participants quite surprised and challenged to prove who was the best among the best.

“I was inspired by a drink from the city of Aceh called Ie Seureubet. This traditional drink is made from a mixture of various spices such as ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. It tastes spicy and warm, effective to warm the body and relieve colds.” said Muhammad as the top 5 young bartender participant from one of the well-known hotels.

On this occasion, the General Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang gave a little motivation before the competition took place “The bartender profession is not just pouring drinks, but the art of mixing and presenting a unique experience for customers. Therefore, as a young bartender, never stop exploring mixing drinks, always improve your bartending skills and always maintain ethics wherever you are” said Sistho A. SRESHTHO, ST, CHA as General Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang. 

The first place was won by Bayu Anugerah Putra from Nero Coffee Surabaya. The winners received cash prizes, trophies and stay vouchers at The Alana Hotel Malang. The winners' drinks became the latest signature drinks at Dewa 19 Sky Lounge and featured the creators and stories behind the concoctions. Hopefully this event can be held every year and create great young bartenders who are creative. 

For more information, visit www.malang.alanahotels.com and follow @alanamalang on Instagram.