Dewa 19 Sky Lounge Invites You Back to Your Hometown with Home-Cooked Dishes
The Alana Hotel Malang29 May 2024
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Malang - May 29, 2024, Dewa 19 Sky Lounge re-launched a variety of new menus entitled “Back to Hometown”. The menu served is a traditional home menu of Indonesian. The archipelago includes Java, Bali, Sulawesi to Sumatra.

The menus are divided into 3 themes. Starting from Kalamanthana which is a typical Kalimantan menu such as Ayam Kampung Cicane, Pepes Kepiting and Gangan Asam Banjar. The next theme Celebes is the Sulawesi region such as Rahang Tuna Garo Rica and Woku Ikan Mas. Furthermore, Swarnadwipa Andalas is the origin of Sumatra, its menu such as Chicken Pop, Batokok Meat Rendang and Kameng Curry,
“As the name suggests, Back to Hometown with home-cooked dishes. We will serve the menu in “family style” aka to eat together like eating with family at home. With side dishes for sharing that can bring the dining atmosphere to be warmer, “said Frans Hendri as Food & Beverage Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang.

The special meal menu is also paired with traditional drinks that are also served cold. Starting from the Aceh to Maluku regions. Like Bir Pletok, a traditional Betawi drink made from spices with a red color from sappan wood. In addition, there is also Buraka, a drink made from ginger which is boiled with brown sugar. Amazingly, the drinks on display at The Alana Hotel Malang also lifted the drink work of the winners of the Bartender Competition to make mocktails and traditional drinks 2024 at Dewa 19 Sky Lounge on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

“We have conceptualized this series for a long time. The aim is to introduce the food and drinks of the archipelago. The archipelago flavors that are raised are iconic menus of each region that have a spice flavor that seems to invite you to return to your hometown. In addition, we pair it with traditional drinks made by young bartenders who have won at the Dewa 19 Sky Lounge Bartender Competition. It is hoped that with this new menu, Malang City residents can culinary with authentic flavors not far away but just enough to Dewa 19 Sky Lounge.” said Sistho A. SRESHTHO, ST, CHA as General Manager of The Alana Hotel Malang. 

For more information, visit www.malang.alanahotels.com and follow @alanamalang on Instagram.